When we first decided on creating Funky Scrubs, we wanted to ensure we were as sustainable as possible. We have always run a mainly paperless business; we do most things digitally and choosing things like eco-friendly packaging was the easy part. When it came to sourcing fabric for our scrubs, that is where being sustainable became a little more difficult. We explored the idea of fabrics made from bamboo and even recycled plastic. However, these fabrics did not offer the versatility, the composition or comfort we needed.

Our Process

We spent some time thinking about what sustainable really meant to us as a brand. Making fabric whether it be from recycled plastic or not, still requires electricity and chemicals, and therefor still leaves a footprint on the earth. For us, the best way to be sustainable is to ensure that our scrubs sets have longevity.  If our customers want to refresh their scrubs and purchase a new set, it doesn’t mean the old set can’t still be used.


We then set about finding a way they can be used long after you have finished with them….

This is when we found the charity:

Inter Care’s mission is to reduce UK medical waste AND save lives in Africa.

Inter Care support around 100 health units across 5 countries in sub-Saharan Africa by sourcing surplus medical supplies within the UK and sending them to partners in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania. These health units range from hospitals, dentists, health centres, dispensaries, orphanages plus more and cover a catchment area of around 11 million people.

How YOU can help us to help them.

We are supporting Inter Care by donating all YOUR used scrub sets.

Once you have finished with your scrubs, you can return them to us. We will launder and press them ready to be taken to the Inter Care facility where they will be distributed to African medical units that need them.

For each set of scrubs you send to us we will give you £5 off your next purchase.

Scrubs must have no holes, tears or stains and be in general good condition.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

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